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Recovers disk space and boosts your system's overall performance
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DiskMax is a system maintenance tool that specializes in finding and removing junk and unnecessary files. This helps you recover valuable disk space and, at the same time, speed-up your system and boost its overall performance. The program offers you several predefined profiles and allows you to select which optimization tasks to perform for each one of them, in an individual basis.

DiskMax is characterized by an "unconventional" user interface which turns the tool rather different from most Windows maintenance ones. The first thing the program asks the user is to select the optimization profile, a task that may happen to be challenging for inexpert users. Namely you can select among "User", "All Users", "System" and "System+". According to your selection, the program asks you the areas you want to analyze and clean. For example, for the "System+" profile (the most advanced one), you are asked about options such as the recycle bin, Internet Explorer temporary files/browsing history/cookies/form data, Firefox cache/history/cookies/form data, user accounts, event logs, Windows updates, PC deep scan, disk defragmentation, prefetch optimizations and others. The questions are displayed one at a time and you can simply answer yes or no to each, and you can optionally save your answers for later scans.

Once you answer to all those questions, the program performs the configured optimization tasks and then shows a very simple report with information such as the number of removed files and an estimate of the recovered disk space, plus the total time the process took. Of course, it may vary a lot depending on the optimization questions you accepted.

In conclusion, I consider DiskMax a too simple and limited tool as compared with other system optimization apps. Some of the questions the program asks may be simply incomprehensible for beginners, thus, it is much more appropriate for experts and system administrators. As an advantage, you can indefinitely use DiskMax for free, though you are welcome to donate if you find the program useful.

Ricardo Soria
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Review summary


  • Offers you several predefined optimization profiles
  • Asks you which specific optimization tasks to perform each time
  • Saves your answers for quicker later scans


  • Doesn't include an intuitive user interface
  • Offers simple and limited optimization tasks as compared with similar tools
  • Displays a too simple report about the executed optimizations
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